New Products available in the popular SFuels Ultra Endurance Drink range
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  • SFuels RACE+ Fruit-Punch. 10 single serve sachets

    SFuels RACE+ is designed for high intensity endurance training and racing, for the low-carb high-fat trained athlete.   Simultaneous fat and glycogen oxidation provides smooth fueling to the muscles, gut and brain,...
  • SFuels LIFE: Endurance Supplement. All-Day Every-Day Fat Oxidation.

    All Day, Every Day, Fat-Oxidation for low-carb lifestyle and athletes.  SFuels LIFE supplement transforms your favorite snacks, meals and drinks fast and easy to low-carb fat-oxidation meals.  From pancakes, to...
  • SFuels 600ml Training-Racing Soft Flask - 4 Pack

    Pre-load our roll-up SFuels soft-flasks with SFuels endurance drink mix powder - and easily store them in your jersey for quick water loading to fuel your low-carb endurance training and...
  • SFuels: TRAIN Endurance Drink - Coconut-Lime.

    SFuels TRAIN Endurance drink mix is a ultra-low carb/high-fat fueling drink formula for endurance athletes.  Our formula is designed to provide fat based-calories to working muscles while supporting the Gut and muscles...
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