Low-Carb Endurance: Winter Transformation Series with Dave Scott


Join Dave Scott and the SFuels Team in this 3-Part video series, as he presents the Low-Carb Endurance Journey through the SFuels Quick-Start Guide.

Sample SFuels LIFE (30 serves) and SFuels LIFE Bars (12 vanilla-cacao), with the Quickstart Guide, the Quickstart Guide notes booklet and the 3 video modules with Dave and the SFuels team. 

Here's a summary of the modules - and what Dave and the SFuels team will cover - 

MODULE 1 (WT1) -  Getting Started Low-Carb Endurance

    • Why all the Interest?
    • The Low Carb Journey
    • Get Started: Transition
    • Transition Expectations
    • Everyday Fat Oxidation
    • Simplifying LCHF Life


MODULE 2 (WT2) - Training and Daily Optimization of Low-Carb Endurance

    • Grab and Go Scenarios
    • Optimizing Day to Day
    • Low-Carb Training
    • Using SFuels TRAIN


MODULE 3 (WT3) - Racing Low-Carb Endurance

    • Fat Oxidation Rates, Fat/Carb metabolism during High-Intensity 
    • Race-Week and Pre Race
    • Race Start and T1/T2
    • Using SFuels Race+
    • More on Racing Webinar Content with Dr. Dan Plews & Dave Scott
    • Going Deeper with Endure.IQ

Take a sample: SFuels Quikstart Guide CLICK HERE

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